I’m hosting a READ-A-THON?!

Hey guys! So I have a little announcement for you all! I’m going to be hosting a week long marathon!!! I’ve been really wanting to do one of these, but due to the craziness in my life I haven’t had the time to do so! But now since it’s summer I thought that there no greater timeย than now to do one..and better yet, I’M HOSTING IT!

Who: ANYONE! Anyone is more than welcome! I have no stipulations! If you want to read then you’re already in!

When: June 1st 12AM – June 8th 12AM (Monday starting at 12AM and ending Monday at 12AM)

Where: Anywhere!

Why: To have fun of course!

We have a few days before the Read a Thon starts, but if you have any suggestions for what my Read a Thon should be called let me know and I just might use it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Can’t wait to embark on the journey of hosting my own read a thon! Be sure to tweet me pics and tag me on instagram so I can see what you’re reading!



One thought on “I’m hosting a READ-A-THON?!

  1. I’ll join this Amanda!


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